I’m Anna the SLP Kitty, and I go “Meow Meow” for Speech Therapy! In college, I was introduced to the field of communication disorders from a good friend.  As I studied more about this field, I was intrigued by the complexity of communication disorders, and saw the detrimental consequences that can occur when a person feels disconnected from others.  This lead me to eventually pursue speech pathology as my profession.  After working for four years as a speech therapist, I would have to say that the life of a speech therapist is unpredictable, fun, and highly rewarding.   You will never be bored as a Speech Therapist!  I believe in the difference that speech therapy makes in facilitating communication in children, from the young child learning to say her first words or the fifth grader learning how to say his “r” sound.   Working in the public school settings for a couple of years, I realized the continual need to consult with parents and to give them strategies to help their children.  I created this blog to help empower parents to take an active role in the speech and language development of their children.  I am excited to be part of your journey and know that you will be rewarded as well as you work with your child.


Anna Lim, M.A., CCC-SLP

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